7 Must-Have Presentation Tools

presenting things

Making class presentations are hard to put together especially when no one has any clue about how to properly tailor them. A presentation must not contain convoluted or complex vocabulary and structure; it has to be simple and easily understandable to a large audience group and filled with enticing colors, themes and pictures as well.


It is essential for students to avoid delegating their presentations as “write my assignment for me” kind of thing as it will demolish and undermine one’s true potential and capability.


Today, we would like to once again congratulate Internet’s most triumphant achievement, social media for making some of the most intrinsic and amazingly useful apps that can help students and teachers make their presentations stand out even more. To know which apps are the most suited for presentations, take a look at the ones given below:


  1. Animoto


What could be better than a regular presentation with only slides and text? …A sliding presentation with music and some razzle-dazzle, just to please the crowd as if they were watching a fun-filled movie. “Give it a try – it’s fast, free and shockingly easy”, is what the last line of Animoto’s online tag says.


  1. Prezi


Feast your eyes on the one app that produces a whole new interactive experience for your presentations. Prezi is known for its zooming function that allows a more focused and fascinating view of anyone’s presentation with photos, videos and themes making it a lot more attractive and less boring. Another amazing quality included with this app is that it is cloud-based, which means that students can store and retrieve it online any time they want without having to worry about theft or physical worldly damages.


  1. Glogster


A rather unusual and orthodox approach but Glogster has proven its worth to the audience with many of its fascinating features. You can use a variety of media content to explain your presentation such as text, audio, video, wallpapers, graphics and images to entice your viewers.


  1. Nearpod


Teachers nowadays are fond of adapting to new and exhilarating ways of teaching their classes by using apps such as Nearpod. It just so happens, that Nearpodis a cloud-based app that teachers can use to make interactive and exciting slides to get students motivated about their studies. It allows a real time monitoring function that helps teachers focus on the feedback of their students and share whatever content they can with them online as well.


  1. Kizoa


It is completely free and made to please the audience without tiring them even once. Kizoa helps users create riveting slideshows with pictures, videos, songs and gifs and the best part is that the program is entirely online.


  1. ClassFlow


As its name suggests, ClassFlow allows teachers to make their teaching look and sound fun with the use of eye-catching photos, videos and other amazing contents to catch the attention of students in class.


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