How To Make Your Internship Program Sail Smoothly

Seeking to apply to an internship is one of most integral parts of our college or university degree programs. Not only does it help solidify our chances of attaining our degree, but it also helps us acquire crucial and valuable experience that later helps us when we pursue or hunt for a potential job opportunity.


Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that we make a very good first and everlasting impression at the place where we intern. As such, it is imperative that readers focus their attention on the following internship mistakes to avoid unintended consequences:


  1. Dressing up informallyInterview-Attire

In any kind of work environment you have to look great and well-groomed. By this we mean wear decent, tidy and well-pressed attire whenever you go to work. There is no such respectable company out there that would allow any of their employees to come to work looking like a street beggar. Your appearance is one of the fundamental factors that display the severity of your overall character. Dressing up in sandals, shorts, or anything that is suggestive gives the people in your office a very unsatisfactory impression of you. The conventional business suit and tie apparel is one that always works.


  1. Procrastinating

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    Even if it is under an unpaid basis you are not to slack in whatever post you have been assigned. Remember you are in a professional working establishment not to have fun, but to work. Procrastinating or leaving your job for a later time interval is not to be entertained. Lazy activities such as playing games on your phone, asking your colleagues, “can you write my assignment or task” or something other than what is relevant, and making funny faces must be avoided.


  1. Working without an aimds

In an interning environment every intern must have a specific aim, ambition or a goal they want to accomplish that is relevant to their majors or specialized field of interest. That being said, interns have to be realistic about their approach because if they end up learning nothing,their internship will be considered a failure.


  1. Failing to cooperate with

Without cooperation there is no corporation. Put simply, an office cannot function appropriately without its employees working cohesively with one another or as a unit. It is all about teamwork and every intern must put it at the back of their minds to offer their assistance and support to their senior colleagues at all times. Doing so, will not only help the company in return, but will also help interns adapt and grow with that company as well. Interns can pick up new skills and build their character more firmly.


  1. Not staying in touch with previous colleagues

College students or people just move on to other internships if they feel the later was not good enough or of their forte. That does not mean that interns should lose contact with them. This gives out a bad notion and thought in the minds of people where you previously had interned especially when you fail to get in touch with them for so long. They might think that they were of no help or something. You will need them as reference for when you seek out a new place to intern.


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