Doing Bibliography the Right Way!

A bibliography is an integral part of a research paper that incorporates all the sources (both written and electronic). It is a mandatory part of a research paper upon which your whole paper is based. Here you will add all the sources that you sought for the ideas and theories. Not creating a proper bibliography page can result in plagiarism, which is considered as a severe academic felony. Bibliography must be written in an accurate style and therefore you must make sure about the right style for your research paper before submitting one.

bibliography format tips

  • Writing a bibliography can be a little trickier if you have no prior experience of this task. So you must make sure about this task before tackling with it. Here I will provide you a guide in steps of how to go about this task:
  • Firstly, you must understand the correct bibliography for your paper. Make sure about the right style according to the syllabus of your course. Generally, you will format a paper in humanities and literature in MLA style while a paper in psychology or biology will be cited in APA or AMA style. Refer to an authentic style guide for any help and guidance.
  • Compile a list of all the sources you have used for your research. All the resources sought for your paper must be cited in the bibliography page. That is why it is important that you bookmark all the pages while doing the research part.
  • Get help from a style guide to make sure about the right style for the resources such as encyclopedias, articles, websites and books. Know pertinent information about the sources that include author name, title of publication, edition, the publishing company, the publishing city, page number and website address.
  • Document your bibliography. Read fully the instructions provided by your college regarding the fonts, spacing, underlining and indenting. Create a page, including all your sources in the right style.
  • Be sure that you have included all the sources in the bibliography.
  • Use the latest style guide to refer issues with the citation of your work. Buy something that provides specific examples relevant to your field of study. Consult with your instructor for further help.
  • Gather relevant information specific to your bibliographic requirements. Make this information organized so that you can use them easily at the time of documenting the sources. Remain consistent while formatting the bibliography. In case, there is no specific style for bibliography, you can do it in any suitable style and make it uniform throughout the paper.

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