Expert’s Guide to Write a Book Review!

writing book review

Book reviews are among the trickiest college assignments that students have to submit. It demands great skills and knowledge to write a book review that can get you the desired grades for exams. It takes excellent critical thinking skills and writing expertise to write a book review that can meet the expectations of your instructor. Other than these skills, you must have patience to research the theme and other works of the author to provide a thorough and solid review of a piece of his work. With some tips and techniques, you can easily do this task without going through any hassles. Here is how:

book review guide

Firstly, you must make an outline before writing the book review. Outline the steps with the introduction, body and conclusion.

Come up with an interesting hook that can instantly catch the reader’s attention and entice them to read on. This could be a saying, catchphrase or a quote from the book.

Shed light on the theme of the book. Provide background information or address an issue that the book seeks the solution for.

Give a thorough summary, providing an overview of what readers can expect in the book. Provide a synopsis of the plot, if writing for a fiction piece or evaluate writer’s arguments if it is a work of non-fiction.

Give your reactions of the elements in the book. Here you will give your comments about how you felt about the work in specific words. Tell readers whether you agree or disagree with the author’s point of view.

Provide a relevant review of the book. Give an insight into the work and then compare it with the writer’s others work. Or you can compare the work with others having same genre of writing. Make a connection of the book with any current events.

Give you final comments in the conclusion. Here you will summarize the main points of the book and why it worth reading. Finish up the conclusion with a famous line from the book.


Be sure to follow the instructions of your college while writing a book review. Consider all the guidelines given by the college.

Do not provide the nitty-gritty details of the book. Only write pertinent and necessary information regarding the book, avoiding useless and irrelevant details.

Provide a balanced and unbiased analysis of the work based on your objective judgment and not on your likes and dislikes.

Check your review for spelling and grammatical errors and proofread them. Make sure about the correct spellings of the characters and names used in the book.


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