Some Great Tips for Making Both Ends Meet While Studying Abroad!

Studying abroad is an exciting prospect for any student. Be it for any professional qualification, a bachelor’s degree or a master’s program that you want to enroll yourself in. It is a great experience and an exciting opportunity for any young gun to visit another country to pursue one’s educational dreams.

This however is not possible for many of us, it can be due to the financial limits we have, or some personal family complications. Nonetheless, certain people do get to live their dreams and go abroad to study and acquire quality education for a better and greater future.

Once we have reached the land of our dreams though, we see that all is not what we expected. We realize that it’s nothing like it was back at home. By this I mean, we have to make food ourselves, wash and iron clothes ourselves, do the dishes and most importantly, earn if your parents can’t afford to send you Dollars and Pounds every month.


This gives birth to a problem that is faced by almost 95% of the people who travel abroad for their education, and that problem is to make both ends meet. Yes! The biggest concern for people studying away from home is to manage their activities in a manner that they make enough money to be able to survive the duration of their stay. There are various ways to help overcome and manage this predicament, how ever we will divide these into two categories and go through them down below:

Earning From Part Time Jobs

Through out your stay in an overseas country, you cannot get a full time job during the education period. It is however possible to get a part time job. Certain universities provide students with several settlements so that they are able to earn for themselves enough, to get through college and universities. Using this to our aid we have some possibilities to earn enough money our daily life needs. Some of them are mentioned below for your convenience:

  1. Online surveys– More and more websites are now offer to pay students for this particular work. All you have to do is just answer some questions and fill some forms, and in return you can make several pounds in a matter of minutes. What’s great is that some of the companies offer cash directly.
  2. Earn by searching the web- This is probably the easiest method for students to make money out of. It is highly convenient since surfing is a routine work for every student. You just have to install a plugin and search on Google, Bing and Yahoo and you’re good to go.
  3. Write articles- All you need to do is search for how to write my essay and articles and you are good to go.
  4. Mobile phone recycling- Earn some money while going green.


Saving is as good as Earning Money!

This Part of the solution is pretty much straightforward. Below is how you can achieve this.

  1. Quit eating outside
  2. Use monthly and weekly Train and bus passes, they will save you a lot!
  3. Shop from vintage/second hand stores
  4. Use social sites and apps to talk with friends and family

You will be surprised to see how great this will work for you!


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