8 Best Tools For Students With Disabilities

special students

The widely used term known as “it takes all kinds to make the world” couldn’t find a better relevance than this article that specifically targets students with special needs. By that we mean students who are physically or mentally inefficient in learning and adapting. For this purpose, modern researchers and tech-gurus have come up with a viable solution which is in the form of assistive technology, tools and equipment designed to assist students with special needs to become adept assignment writers. special students There are a vast number of social apps and technological innovations that have bridged the perilous gaps of learning for the mentally and physically weak, and they are:

  1. Word Prediction Software

  This software is meant to serve the needs of those students who have a mild learning disability, especially in same sounding words, spelling or words with different meanings. Students can write their desired words without having to strike the keys so many times than they normally have to. Whatever word they type is then automatically updated and prevents users from making further spelling mistakes.

  1. Dragon Dictation

  Dragon Dictation is basically a speech-to-text software application that helps sight disabled students to just use their voice in order to produce words for the teachers on the digital screen. DD helps shape sight-impaired students construct emails, documents, tweets, comments and more all with the sound of their voice.

  1. ModMath

This iPad exclusive app has been designed especially to treat students who are cursed with dyslexia and dysgraphia. As its name suggests, ModMathassists students in solving elementary mathematical problems such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division all on a digital platform which is their smartphone screen and never having to use a pencil or pen ever again.

  1. Evernote

  Yes that’s right; Evernote also helps special needs students in their untimely predicament. While taking, storing and organizing notes can be a regular student’s thing, Evernote allows other physically disabled students, more specifically vision impaired, to take down notes using their voice to record and store them in a digital file.

  1. Notability

  Whenever you have to take down notes, Notability will help certain physically dysfunctional students do it with their voice and also photographically capture notes on their smartphones as well.

  1. Voice dream

  Not only does this app allow a speech-to-text function for auditory students but it also allows them to listen to various online books that they can download online. It also contains several hundred custom built-in voices that hearing disabled students can make use of and also save their files in DAISY or ZIP formats.

  1. Dyslexia Quest

  This is a game application that is deliberately made for students that suffer from well… dyslexia. In fact, within this app there are a series of games that disabled users can use to enhance their visual and auditory memory, motor processing and sequencing skills.

  1. Telecommunication Devices for the Deaf

This is perhaps the best device to use for deaf students who can use it to make and retrieve telephone calls. The TDD, when attached to a telephone, appears in the form of a small keyboard and a small screen which informs the users about incoming messages.


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